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Bulk orders

Ice cream is a delicious treat that works great for events! 

Are you having a family gathering, grad party, birthday party, wedding or some other event that you’d like to serve superpremium ice cream at? 


Check out our current options for serving ice cream at your event below.

3-Gallon Tub

A 3-gallon tub is the full-size tub we scoop ice cream from in our shop and contain about 50 servings. You can order any flavor we carry.

There is no limit on the number of tubs you can order. Orders must be placed at least 1 week before the desired pick-up date. 

1 tub:

2 tubs:









Pre-scooped Cups

Consists of pre-scooped ice cream in single scoop cups with lids. You can select one or multiple flavors we carry. Cups will be labeled with the flavor initials.


Orders must be placed at least 2 weeks before the desired pick-up date.

50 cups:

100 cups:

150 cups:

200 cups:

250 cups:






Ice Cream Sammies

Consists of ice cream pressed between two chocolate chip cookies and rolled in a topping, if you chose. You can select one or multiple flavors we carry and any of our solid toppings.


Orders must be placed at least 2 weeks before the desired pick-up date.

25 sammies:

50 sammies:

100 sammies:

150 sammies:

200 sammies:






Bulk orders that are placed or changed after their designated timeframes will incur a 10-20% fee.

The fee corresponds with the business impact and will be discussed at the time of order placement or change.


Sprinkles, Peanuts, Pecans, Krunch, M&Ms, Oreos, Health, Fudge, Caramel, Whipped Cream, etc.


Cake, Sugar (regular & gluten free), Homemade Waffle, Double-dipped Chocolate Waffle, Double-dipped, Cherry Waffle, Double-dipped Birthday Cake Waffle, Double-dipped Chocolate Sprinkles Sugar, Double-dipped Chocolate Sprinkles Waffle, Double-dipped Chocolate Peanut Waffle, Double-dipped Chocolate Krunch Waffle, Double-dipped Cookies & Cream Waffle

Freezer Rental

2 Licks Unlimited freezers are available to rent with any bulk order. The freezer works well for any of our bulk options!


The freezer can hold up to 6 of our 3-gallon tubs, with 4 being accessible at once. We recommend a max of 200 cups in a freezer because if they're stacked too high the top cups may begin to melt.


There are also 2 removable baskets that work well for pre-scooped cups and ice cream sammies.

We currently do not offer freezer delivery, so you must be able to securely transport the freezer to/from Licks Unlimited.

Freezer rental is $80. Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis.

A damage deposit and a signed rental agreement are required, which will be discussed at the time your order and reservation are placed.


When contacting us to place a bulk order, please be prepared with the date you’d like to pick up the order, which flavor(s) you’d like, & the quantity of each flavor for the bulk option you want. Bulk order options are subject to availability. 


If you're not sure how much to order, we can help you figure that out based off the number of guests you're expecting. If you're interested in adding any extras, please include that information in your inquiry.

Are these bulk options too much? We also sell pints & quarts of all our flavors.


We're happy to help! If you have any questions or ideas you want to talk through, drop us a message!

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